August 2020 Memberships Option

Holy cow what a year this has been.    So far in 2020 we have had to rethink our business multiple times while every single member has gone through just as many if not more life events.   Coming out of the latest COVID lockdown we realized in order to continue forward with this we have a few changes that need to be made.  All changes below are in effect starting Aug 1.   We are reaching out to athletes for goal reviews but if you are concerned or want in on a specific program please reach out to us and we can help get you into the right spot.

Unlimited Group Membership -> 4x/week Group Membership

One of the biggest changes involves our Group CrossFit Class membership.   Previously this membership was unlimited and people could come to as many classes as they liked.    This membership is transitioning to 4 times per week for In Person classes.    The online classes are still available and not capped at this time.   The price of this membership remains the same at $150/month

Hybrid AF Open Gym

To help offset the reduced class schedule and the reduced number of classes per week, we are introducing an Open Gym option.    During these open gym times, there will NOT be any staff members manning the gym.   However the workout of the day is still available or skill and accessory work can be done to help get closer to your fitness goals.  Currently this option is ONLY available as an add-on with other membership and is $25/month.   If you really interested in helping us out ask about our Founders Club option too.

Punch Card option is Discontinued

Previously we offered a Punch Card option that allowed for 5 or 10 attendances as a package.   We are no longer offering this option.   For those of you who still have “punches” left, you are welcome to use those in our group classes as before, but it won’t be renewed.   If this is an option that you loved, talk to one of our staff members and we can schedule a time to chat about your goals and help find a solution.

Weekly Personal Training

Regular personal training is probably one of the most effective ways to reach your fitness goals.   There is honestly nothing better than the watchful eye of a coach giving you undivided attention through an entire session that is programmed to your specific needs and goals.   These memberships include 30 min or 60 min sessions every single week and can run from 1 – 6 sessions weekly.   30 Min personal training memberships are $40 per weekly session and 60 min personal training membership are $60 per weekly session.

Bi-weekly Nutrition Consultations

If personal training is a major help, having a nutrition coach can be even BIGGER.   We are now offering a bi-weekly nutrition membership billed weekly.   This membership gives you 1 personal nutrition consultation every other week while breaking down the cost of the consultation into smaller chunks.  The cost of this membership is $20 per week.

Personalized Programming

Sometimes the whole Group programming thing isn’t for you or just isn’t enough.    We can personalize a program based on equipment that you have available or can combine this with our open gym option to allow for even more possibilities.   With personalized programming one of our coaches comes up with a daily plan with video examples and detailed descriptions of the workout.   Questions and other exchanges are handled electronically and the coach even monitors adherence to the program to make sure things are moving forward.   This is a great option to get some personalized coaching without the price tag of having a coach watch your every move.  This can also be an add-on to our other memberships to help get detailed instruction on how to break through plateaus or train for a specific milestone.  The completely personalized coaching is $60 per week.   For an add-on service to another membership is $20 – $40 weekly depending on the number of days programmed each week.



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