Group Workouts, Events, and Announcements for Week of May 31, 2021

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Here are the group workouts for the week of May 31, 2021. To get the workouts and other videos as soon as they are released, like the video and subscribe to the LMI Fitness YouTube channel.


300 mi Cycling Challenge in June

Starting June 1 track your rides (on your bike outside or manually for a stationary bike) through Strava. You can download the app and use a free version. Search for LMI Fitness as a club on Strava and join the team to share your progress. Join LMI Fitness Club and then Join in on the Cycling Challenge in Strava.

The challenge is for 800 km or ~497 miles, however we will use the leaderboard for the Challenge. Go to Following to see your fellow gym friends’ progress and how you are doing amongst each other.

Get on your bike and ride!

Coming Up

Race Day– Saturday, June 5 *National Running Day 5k @ Bruz Brewery Register Here The gym will do the wave at 10:20a.m. and meet prior to that at 10a.m. stay tuned for meeting location. NO SATURDAY JUNE 5 9am Class.

This race is the culmination/ending of our May Running Challenge as well as the Running Workshop, sign up and put your training to the test!

Kid’s Fitness Workshop– Saturday, July 10. We will be doing a kid’s fitness workshop as a launch for a potential kids program going forward. Stay tuned for more information on this event!

Obstacle Course Race Workshop– Do you like to do mud runs or obstacle course races? Colorado is the perfect place to be able to compete in one or many. We have a workshop coming up that will help you with those obstacles that may have challenged you in the past. Stay tuned for the dates of this workshop in June.

Beach WOD– Saturday, July 24 (no class at the gym) meet us at Aurora Reservoir for a workout on the beach followed up with some paddleboarding and a BBQ. Stay tuned for more details!


May Running Challenge

Here is the leader board for the 30k in May Running Challenge. Nice work showing up! Weather it was 3x 30k or getting in some runs, awesome job all!

Class Reservations CHANGES!

Class reservation times have been moved back to 1 hour ahead of class time from 3 hours ahead of time. As always, if you miss that window you can always get a hold of us and ask us to put you into class, unless the class is maxed out at 9 participants.

We have also changed how many days ahead of time you can reserve your class. It used to be 5 days of reservations, it is now 7 days out. Go out and plan your schedule for the week and grab your desired class time!

Masks in the Gym Update

The latest mandates through Colorado and CDC state that fully vaccinated individuals no longer need to wear a mask indoors. If you are two weeks post final vaccination you are considered fully vaccinated. We will continue to work on staying distanced in the gym, as well as sanitizing equipment after use. Come celebrate your vaccination with a maskless workout!

Eat So Fresh Meal Delivery

Fit Republic Foods has transitioned over to a new name Eat So Fresh Meal Prep. They are the same meals and prices, just a new name! Submit your order with Moe our retail manager at

Driven Nutrition

We just submitted a Driven Nutrtion supplement order and expect to have it in this week! Yay for member savings and no shipping fees! If you missed it and want something, use this link to order. We submit orders through the gym for a discount to our members from the website approximately every two months.

Some of the more popular items include; Whey Protein, Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Berries and Greens powder, Bone Broth, CBD Gummies, and multi-vitamins.

Not a member yet, but are ready to start. Schedule a No Sweat Intro. 



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