Training Changes with Life

Training Changes with Life A common belief is that training is linear, getting incrementally better with the more time we put in. I go to the gym… I get better… indefinitely. As ideal as that might be, there are many variables (illness, injury, job change, moving, relationship change, aging, etc)  that come in the way […]

Travel WODs

3 Rounds For Time:Run 800m50 Air Squats 10 Rounds For Time:10 Pushups10 Sit ups10 Squats 5 Rounds For Time:Run 200m10 Squats10 Push Ups 3 Rounds For Time:Run 200m25 Pushups 3 Rounds For Time:10 Handstand PushupsRun 200m 20 Rounds For Time:5 Pushups5 Squats5 Situps 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 sets of sit-ups and a 100 meter sprint between each set […]

Holding Steady This Holiday Season

These are the strategies I use to help maintain my energy when I need it most. Think, less anxiety around those holiday gatherings, more energy to host family, and a general all-around steady mood and energy.

4 Things to Consider When Searching for “CrossFit Gyms Near Me”

You’ve heard of CrossFit, it’s hard to avoid, especially here in the Denver area where (as of this writing) there are 108 affiliated gyms.  If you have any co-workers, family, or friends that do CrossFit, you have probably heard more about it than the average person. Coming from my perspective it’s hard not to talk […]

Workouts, Announcements, and Events week of March 15, 2021

Not a member yet, but are ready to start. Schedule a No Sweat Intro.  Workouts: Here are the group workouts for the week of March 15, 2021. To get the workouts as soon as they are released like the video and subscribe to the LMI Fitness YouTube channel. Events:  Breathwork Challenge Each day you will […]

Top Three Reasons That You Might Be Trying to Lose Weight But Can’t

These are the top reasons that I see in my clients and what they struggle with often as they try to lose weight and practice a healthy lifestyle consistently. If you would rather watch the video, check it out here. Top Reason 1: Deprivation The first one is deprivation. I hear this often, you may […]

What is a No Sweat Intro?

When someone wants to get started with a new gym and check out LMI Fitness, our preferred method is to first sit down for a No Sweat Intro. BUT WHAT IS A NO SWEAT INTRO ANYWAY? Our No Sweat Intro is a planning consultation with one of our coaches.   During this planning session, the […]

I Used a Continuous Glucose Monitor for 28 days, This Is What I Learned.

The Method: The monitor that I used is the Freestyle Librelink Sensor that connected up to the Freestyle Librelink app on my phone. Note that you cannot get the sensor or app easily without a prescription in the United States. It was not simple or inexpensive to acquire this system. If you are curious about […]

Starting (all over?) Again

Starting (all over?) Again First Week Back This week was my first workout back in the gym with a group. In some ways, it felt like starting all over again. Throughout the stay-at-home orders, I stayed active and engaged with the online workouts, getting in 3-5 a week. In that regard, I am not starting […]

Does Exercise Bore You?

Does exercise bore you?    Or hard to start because in order to say yes to exercise, you feel like you have to say no to something else? Is it hard to see how to fit an exercise routine in your day or even feel excited to do it?   Personalized Fitness As we are […]