Starting (all over?) Again

Starting (all over?) Again First Week Back This week was my first workout back in the gym with a group. In some ways, it felt like starting all over again. Throughout the stay-at-home orders, I stayed active and engaged with the online workouts, getting in 3-5 a week. In that regard, I am not starting […]

Does Exercise Bore You?

Does exercise bore you?    Or hard to start because in order to say yes to exercise, you feel like you have to say no to something else? Is it hard to see how to fit an exercise routine in your day or even feel excited to do it?   Personalized Fitness As we are […]

Nutrition Coaching- Notice and Name Skill

Back in the day when I was trying to get the oh-so-frustrating double under skill, I had a dream that I was doing them, really well, and lots of them in a row. It was like I was dreaming about flying… it felt that good. Soon after something clicked (in waking life) and they became […]

Surface Level Solutions and Making Change Stick

Surface Level Solutions and Making Change Stick ♪Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes (How to make them stick?) Ch-ch-changes♪ Thank you David Bowie… and you can thank me for now getting that song stuck in your head. What is a Surface Level Solution? A lot of what we pursue in life, especially as we get older, has to do with […]