Does Exercise Bore You?

Does exercise bore you?    Or hard to start because in order to say yes to exercise, you feel like you have to say no to something else? Is it hard to see how to fit an exercise routine in your day or even feel excited to do it?   Personalized Fitness As we are […]

Mechanics, Consistency, and Intensity in COVID Times

At CrossFit Banshee we continually re-visit the CrossFit tenet of mechanics, consistency, and intensity when we are helping our members decide where and how to progress in their goals. It is very tempting to make something over-complicated, especially in complicated times. We are in no doubt uncharted territory, not only in regards to navigating a […]

Clean Out Your Pantry Challenge- Smoothie Edition

I am a little embarrassed to admit that I had a butternut squash sitting around for… quite a while.   I am not sure why, they are very easy to prepare (for this one, split in half, scooped out the seeds, put some avocado oil on them, and put it in the air fryer for […]

Get More Veggies! Zucchini Spears Recipe

Zucchini Spears! Mix them in with your jalapeno poppers, stuffed mushrooms, and sweet potato fries for a killer appetizer platter. Going into this holiday season there will be plenty of occasions for gathering and sharing food. It is awful to walk away from those feeling either overstuffed on foods high in taste but low in […]

Get More Veggies! Texas Chili Recipe

As a nutrition coach, more often than not I hear how hard it is to get all those veggies into a convenient, good tasting meal. Here is a recipe that will help you with all those recommended veggie servings throughout your day. It is excellent to share with friends and family in these cold months, […]