Confession: I’m a coach and I wanted to ghost my own coach.

I am a coach! Coaching is my business. I definitely see value in coaching, so I was a little mystified when I realized that I wanted to ghost my own coach. It had nothing to do with him, I enjoy the conversations we have, he is kind and understanding, and above all, I see progress […]

Fitness Black Friday Sale

Just in time for Black Friday, we’re super excited to announce a new option for joining our gym. We are now offering Semi-Private on-boarding (our FUNdamentals course) for $199 per person ($116 savings). These 5 Semi-Private sessions will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:30 PM with each session planned for 45 mins each. This […]

Do You Trust Yourself?

Do you trust yourself? This feels like an intimate question, even a sensitive one. One that you may not want to share your thoughts on with too many other people. Craving Change & Resolutions I ask because we are coming headlong into thinking about New Year’s Resolutions. I sense it here in the gym, many […]

Best-Laid Plans…

Does it feel like life is relentless sometimes? One thing after another pops up that you didn’t anticipate or plan for getting in the way of your best-laid plans. How is it some routines are built in without much thought and other plans seem impossible to get going? Thankfully, a few moments of reflection and […]

The LMI Fitness Mission

The LMI Fitness Mission After 9 years as gym owners, our mission has changed. When I opened LMI Fitness in 2013, my mission was simple: feed my family. As we evolved, my mission was adopted by a team and became more complex. We wanted to introduce real fitness to Aurora. We wanted to be counterculture. […]

200th Blog Post! Fitness for the Long Haul

What does a fitness professional have to say after 200 blog posts? What does fitness over the long haul look like? To be honest, both myself (Anna) and my partner (Steve) in the gym as well as life talk endlessly about all things health and fitness, so while it might be tempting to think we’ve […]

Starting (all over?) Again

Starting (all over?) Again First Week Back This week was my first workout back in the gym with a group. In some ways, it felt like starting all over again. Throughout the stay-at-home orders, I stayed active and engaged with the online workouts, getting in 3-5 a week. In that regard, I am not starting […]

Does Exercise Bore You?

Does exercise bore you?    Or hard to start because in order to say yes to exercise, you feel like you have to say no to something else? Is it hard to see how to fit an exercise routine in your day or even feel excited to do it?   Personalized Fitness As we are […]

Post Lock Down Plans

Hello Banshee Family! Keeping our Community Safe We are happy to announce that we are approved to offer private training. However, we want to assure you that we take the health and well-being of our community very seriously. We are fortunate to have the space that we do so we can get you moving, make […]

Training Programs: Generalized vs. Customized vs. Personalized

Training Programs: Generalized vs. Customized vs. Personalized Generalized-  Including main features and elements of a workout program, but disregards exceptions.   What do you get from a general fitness routine? This can be good for someone, starting from a healthy and balanced place to maintain their fitness. Fitness is grown over a longer period of […]