Top Three Reasons That You Might Be Trying to Lose Weight But Can’t

These are the top reasons that I see in my clients and what they struggle with often as they try to lose weight and practice a healthy lifestyle consistently. If you would rather watch the video, check it out here. Top Reason 1: Deprivation The first one is deprivation. I hear this often, you may […]

Starting (all over?) Again

Starting (all over?) Again First Week Back This week was my first workout back in the gym with a group. In some ways, it felt like starting all over again. Throughout the stay-at-home orders, I stayed active and engaged with the online workouts, getting in 3-5 a week. In that regard, I am not starting […]

Post Lock Down Plans

Hello Banshee Family! Keeping our Community Safe We are happy to announce that we are approved to offer private training. However, we want to assure you that we take the health and well-being of our community very seriously. We are fortunate to have the space that we do so we can get you moving, make […]

DIY Sled Pull

DIY Sled Pull Are you missing hiking? I am.  Honestly whether it is because we are currently mandated to recreate within a 10-mile radius from home o r if it just happens to be the middle of the week and I can’t get to a place with much elevation gain, I miss hiking.    A […]

Your Guide to Better Sleep

Your Guide to Better Sleep Sleep is really important, as I am sure you have heard. It is so important that it can and will affect any efforts you make in the gym and with your nutrition. Who doesn’t love sleep? Why not harness the effects to maximize what you do in waking hours? Choose […]

Keeping a Routine, Planning your Week

Planning Your Week   Life throws us many changes and sometimes we aren’t sure where to start to get back on track. Keeping routine as much as possible can help through unknown transitions.    Here is a quick exercise to help you plan your week and keep on Routine.    Grab a weekly calendar or […]

Self-Care to Self-Curate

Self-Care to Self-Curate: Taking a healthy habit and making it meaningful for you! Self-care is a recurring, inescapable practice in the pursuit of long-lasting wellness. It is also a topic that tends to garner cringes when it comes up with nutrition and CrossFit clients. The term seems to carry with it a lot of preconceived […]

Health Giving Foods for your Thanksgiving Feast

Here at CrossFit Banshee we believe in sitting down and thoroughly enjoying a good meal. Thanksgiving time can be a great time to really enjoy a great tasting meal as well as the company and atmosphere of the day. We also often hear that holidays are the hardest time for someone to keep on track […]

Nutrition Coaching- Notice and Name Skill

Back in the day when I was trying to get the oh-so-frustrating double under skill, I had a dream that I was doing them, really well, and lots of them in a row. It was like I was dreaming about flying… it felt that good. Soon after something clicked (in waking life) and they became […]

Surface Level Solutions and Making Change Stick

Surface Level Solutions and Making Change Stick ♪Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes (How to make them stick?) Ch-ch-changes♪ Thank you David Bowie… and you can thank me for now getting that song stuck in your head. What is a Surface Level Solution? A lot of what we pursue in life, especially as we get older, has to do with […]