Your Guide to Better Sleep

Your Guide to Better Sleep Sleep is really important, as I am sure you have heard. It is so important that it can and will affect any efforts you make in the gym and with your nutrition. Who doesn’t love sleep? Why not harness the effects to maximize what you do in waking hours? Choose […]

Self-Care to Self-Curate

Self-Care to Self-Curate: Taking a healthy habit and making it meaningful for you! Self-care is a recurring, inescapable practice in the pursuit of long-lasting wellness. It is also a topic that tends to garner cringes when it comes up with nutrition and CrossFit clients. The term seems to carry with it a lot of preconceived […]

Health Giving Foods for your Thanksgiving Feast

Here at CrossFit Banshee we believe in sitting down and thoroughly enjoying a good meal. Thanksgiving time can be a great time to really enjoy a great tasting meal as well as the company and atmosphere of the day. We also often hear that holidays are the hardest time for someone to keep on track […]

Have you Mastered your Hunger?

How hungry are you? As I work with nutrition clients over time, the two habits that they appreciate the most and struggle the most with is eating according to their hunger and eating slowly. On the surface of these two habits they sound pretty simple, even easy. They are tempting to breeze past believing that […]