200th Blog Post! Fitness for the Long Haul

What does a fitness professional have to say after 200 blog posts? What does fitness over the long haul look like? To be honest, both myself (Anna) and my partner (Steve) in the gym as well as life talk endlessly about all things health and fitness, so while it might be tempting to think we’ve […]

How to Use a Weight Belt

Go into any gym with some serious lifters and you’re bound to see people using a weight belt, but to be honest most people have no idea how and why to use one properly. The first step to using the weight belt correctly?   Learning to Breathe and Brace.   Filling your entire torso with […]

Foundational Nutrition Habits

At LMI Fitness when it comes to nutrition practices we individually create a nutrition plan based on foundational nutrition habits versus following a pre-canned meal plan or challenge. We do this because each member is coming to their nutrition practice from a unique angle. We meet each person where they are currently at and build […]

Personal Programming

You love group classes, the energy, the camaraderie, the fun!! but you want to perform better and your relatively weak squat isn’t getting better from non-specific training. This, or something similar, is true for most of us. Maybe for you, it’s not squats, but snatch, or pullups, or rowing, or… fill in the blank. There […]

Instant Pot Greek Yogurt!

Make your own Greek yogurt with these steps. Dairy gets a bad rap, but it is important to note the SOURCE MATTERS! Yes, it matters so much that it had to be in all caps. Source Matters When it comes to dairy and other animal products; you get out of it, what you put into […]

Why you NEED goals

Making progress on any endeavor starts by knowing where you want to go. Creating and achieving goals is the life equivalent of Google Maps. In google you put in your destination, and a couple of options pop up on how to get there. Your goals will be the same way.

Here’s What 9 Months of Small Daily Promises Did For Me.

I committed to daily promises beginning in March of 2020. It made a year that was difficult for our world, turn into a year of personal successes for me. My Why In April of 2020 I started getting pretty annoyed by the lull of energy I was experiencing. I would get plenty of sleep each […]

Why LMI Fitness and NOT CrossFit

History In 2013 when we started CrossFit Banshee, we knew that we wanted to be a little different from other CrossFit gyms in the area.   The CrossFit methodology is amazingly diverse but the application across many gyms is nearly identical.   Most gyms offer group CrossFit classes around doing some form of strength or […]