Banshee’s Favorite Healthful Places

Banshee’s Favorite Healthful Spots in the Denver Area

To Get your WOD on:

CrossFit Banshee of course!

Outdoor Experience:

Quincy Reservoir– A great place to get in a walk, run, or bike around a quiet and peaceful lake.

From their website:

Explore Quincy’s shoreline along the 3.5 mile soft surface trail, perfect for viewing wildlife and waterfowl. A picnic table, boat launch and boat rental, and an accessible fishing dock are available for your enjoyment.

Why Banshee Finds It Healthful: Chill active recovery, quiet time for reflection, or exploring with the family.

Aurora Reservoir– An awesome beach to launch the paddle boards from or an 8-mile loop to get some practice rides/runs on.

From their website:

Popular activities at the reservoir include fishing, non-motorizedboating, archery, SCUBA diving, picnics, bicycling, walking, running and wildlife viewing. The reservoir has a seasonal swim beach (open Memorial Day to late September) for sunbathing and swimming and offers array of rental boats.

What Banshee Loves About It: A day in the sun playing in the water and practicing handstands whether that be on the paddle boards or beach!

Bluffs Regional Park– An easy to get to trail where you can get some practice trail running with elevation.

From their website:

Great views of the Colorado Front Range mountains, the Denver metro area, and grassland vegetation and wildlife.

Why Banshee Finds It Healthful: We take to this trail to get in a good 5k for some practice before our obstacle course races. Also great for a leisurely stroll with some great views of the mountains and city.


Stress Relief:

Trails Rec Center– With a sauna, steam room, hot tub, and lazy river this a great place to help relieve some of our daily stressors as well as any muscle soreness.

Why Banshee Finds It Healthful: While they offer so much more you will most likely find us somewhere in the water and since the fees are reasonable it feels like a spa experience without dropping some major cash.

Astral Float Spa

In some serious need of some alone time with your mind?

From their website:

…it is a lightless, soundproof tank inside which subjects float in salt water at skin temperature. The tanks are now also used for meditation and relaxation and in alternative medicine. The best thing you can do for your mind, body and soul.

Why Banshee Finds It Healthful: Not only is it a great opportunity to have some uninterrupted down time, the water feels great on your body. It is a full-body relaxation treat!

Recovery & Self-Care:

Mile High Sport and Spine– Your one stop shop for healing and recovery from all the hard work you put in at the gym and daily stressors. If something just isn’t feeling right Dr. Dunn has a methodical, thorough way of assessing you and then helping you start feeling your best again.

From their website:

Mile High Spine and Sport offers chiropractic care, acupuncture, sports rehabilitation, pediatric rehabilitation, nutrition, and soft tissue work.

Why Banshee Finds It Healthful: Dr. Dunn understands our sport, he doesn’t tell us that it is potentially dangerous or to stop doing it he finds way to support our passion and helps our bodies reach optimal performance.

Shears: You’ve worked hard on your body at the gym and now you want to top it off with healthy great looking hair!

From their website:

Welcome to Shears, where your hair is pampered and treated by professional stylists to maintain a healthy color and glow. We promise our services are worth the time and money, and once you experience what Shears has to offer, you’ll dump your box dye in the trash and keep comin’ back!

Why Banshee Finds It Healthful:Ever wanted a collaborative experience with your hair stylist. You get great prices and awesome individual attention here.


Healthy Food:

Natural Grocers– This natural grocery store has just about everything you need for your day in and day out nutrition needs, whether it is organic produce, responsibly raised meat, or supplements.

From their website:

We are a company that is built on great intent and integrity. From the beginning we established a foundation we refer to as our Five Founding Principles: Nutrition Education, Highest Quality Products, Affordable Pricing, Commitment to our Community, and Commitment to our Employees.

Why Banshee Finds It Healthful: These guys take the guess work out of buying high quality, nutrient dense food. Plus, when you shop here you feel like you are part of their community, a lot like CrossFit Banshee’s atmosphere!

Nick’s Garden Center & Farm Market:

It’s a store for the gardener in you but don’t worry if you aren’t a green thumb! When the goods are in season, you can find them at Nick’s.

From their website:

With the rush of spring over and summer setting in Nick’s began to offer a Farm Market to customers everyday Starting July and continuing through October. With a commitment to offering the freshest produce and seasonally available Colorado delights.

Why Banshee Finds It Healthful: We would be remiss to not mention the Café and their breakfast burritos, they are really the best in town hands down. When we can’t get their breakfast burritos we love to bring home some of their roasted green chilies from New Mexico.

Southlands and Parker Farmer’s markets: Get your grub fresh, in season, and locally at either of these farmer’s markets.

From their website:

Shop more than 40 local vendors in Town Square for organic and pesticide-free produce, fresh dairy products, delicious baked goods, homemade salsa, tamales and tortillas as well as gourmet pasta, fresh seafood, natural soaps, handmade goods and much more!

Why Banshee Finds It Healthful: Supporting local business and farmer’s for amazing products in return. Plus who doesn’t love to do their shopping outdoors?

Financial Health:

Fit Financial: Financial health is just as important as physical and mental health, in fact it supports each of those.

From their website:

Fit Financial Consulting, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor working with individuals and families on financial planning, retirement planning, portfolio, security, and annuity analysis, budgeting, and money management.

Why Banshee Finds It Healthful: There are so many parallels between a healthy financial plan and a healthy fitness plan. Sean helps break down each step of that financial plan to build up to greater goals and dreams (that sounds a lot like Banshee’s approach to fitness!). We also love his free workshops!

For Fun:

Topgolf: Learn new sports! Ok, golf may not be new to you but this place puts a spin on your golf game!

From their website:

Topgolf is the premier golf entertainment complex where the competition of sport meets your favorite local hangout. You can challenge your friends and family to addictive point-scoring golf games that anyone from the hopeful pro golfer to your neighbor’s 7-year-old kid can play year-round.

Why Banshee Finds It Healthful: We are a group that appreciates some friendly competition and a good game. This is a great outlet for playing and practicing a new skill and then putting it to the test.



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