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our founders

Steve and Anna

Because we once were in a place that fitness was a struggle for us.

Each of us started our fitness journey alone and had too many false starts than either one of us cared for.

Once we found functional fitness (Steve in 2006 and Anna in 2010) the frequent setbacks and stutter start lessened significantly. We are by no means “there”, perfect, or finished with our wellness journey because we came to learn it is a lifelong pursuit. In that pursuit, we would like to have as much fun as possible.

We each found functional fitness for a different reason than for what keeps us in it… let’s face it, we wanted hot bods (still do!) but as we grow older and more steeped in fitness we realize this is the means to help us experience vitality as we continue in life.

In the past decade, we have watched our families grow older and struggle more and more with mobility, conditioning, flexibility, and stability. Consequently, their worlds grow smaller in terms of what they can do, where they can go, their confidence, and the amount of energy they have.

We also have both witnessed individuals come from a deconditioned state to grow stronger, abler, and more confident. As their coach we want to make sure this isn’t just a short layover in health and wellness, we want to help them experience good health for the long haul.

Steve and Anna Founders of LMI Fitness

our coaches

coach at LMI Fitness


John was introduced to CrossFit in early 2016 when he joined CrossFit NYC with his girlfriend. The two of them were looking for a fitness modality they could practice together. John had been a collegiate Track and Field athlete and preferred high-intensity aerobic training. Julie, however, preferred hypertrophy style weight training. They found a great merger of those two training styles (and so much more) in CrossFit.

John began coaching at CrossFit Banshee as an L1 trainer in September 2019. Before this, he coached many other athletic modalities. He started his coaching journey as a ski and snowboard instructor, which he did avidly for 6 years, during high school and college.

After college, where John competed on NCAA track and cross country teams, he coached running programs with elementary through high school students. Track coaching led John to a role coordinating youth programs at a national sports company, New York Road Runners (NYRR). With NYRR John coached a summer running program for youth with low exposure to athletics.

He also facilitated trainings for DOE teachers on the efficacious application of fitness programming, based on a physical literacy and long term athlete development model. He also ran intro clinics for new track and field coaches, as well as clinics on inclusive practices in youth sport coaching.

John is excited to be a member of the team at CrossFit Banshee and is having a great time helping the community achieve their health and movement goals.

coach at LMI Fitness


I found CrossFit in 2005 as part of a martial arts class that I was taking. I was a little intimidated by the workouts posted on the CrossFit main page and started out picking and choosing the workouts that I wanted to do on my own in our company gym. I quickly realized that the workouts were more effective then anything else that I was doing. I started bringing friends to the gym to show them CrossFit and finally attended a Level 1 certification in 2009.

Since that time I’ve coached at 2 other gyms in the Aurora area before opening CrossFit Banshee. Helping others learn to achieve their fitness goals has become a passion of mine, and I’ve spent 1000s of hours at the gym helping people reach a new level of fitness through CrossFit.

coach at LMI Fitness


I was active in my youth, but then 20’s hit, and habits and routines shifted and I gained a lot of weight.

Nearing the end of my 20’s I was very uncomfortable and unhappy in my body. I spent too much of my time scheming how I could develop better habits. I had a lot of attempts and failures.

At 29 I found CrossFit and I was able to keep a consistent workout routine that I was excited about. I lost 80lbs! That was the beginning of a great journey centered on health, wellness, and nutrition. I went on to become a CrossFit coach and then a Nutrition Coach and have been coaching since 2011.

Now that I am nearing a new decade again I have focused further on hormone health, lifestyle, and longevity.

I am happy to say my journey has helped me share health and wellness with not only my family and friends but many others like me that have busy lives but want to feel, do and be better as the years go by.



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