4 Things to Consider When Searching for “CrossFit Gyms Near Me”

You’ve heard of CrossFit, it’s hard to avoid, especially here in the Denver area where (as of this writing) there are 108 affiliated gyms. 

If you have any co-workers, family, or friends that do CrossFit, you have probably heard more about it than the average person. Coming from my perspective it’s hard not to talk about it… for a reason. 

Your friends may have talked enough about it that you started hitting up Google for more information. But before you go down the Google rabbit hole, consider these four things 4 when searching for “CrossFit gyms near me.”

Number 1: What to consider in addition to Price and Location

Choosing a gym based off of price and location makes a lot of sense. However, culture of the gym can be what makes or breaks the sticky factor of starting up a new routine in a new gym. 

CrossFit is a social activity and every gym has a different culture. Search for a gym that fits your stage of CrossFit exploration as well as other lifestyle factors. For example, are you someone who is looking for a more competitive atmosphere or beginner friendly? Is there a system in place that could accommodate either (specialty courses or obvious scaling options). Maybe you are more comfortable in a one-on-one setting. Does it look like the activities the gym hosts or participates in mesh up with your goals… out hiking, or out sharing beers, or doing both?

Yes, CrossFit can be expensive. Guess what? It can also be cheap. 

In the case of gyms and trainers, you get what you pay for. Stop and reflect on what you are looking for.  Do you just want access to equipment and not much in the way of service or coaching? If that’s the case, then maybe the lower-priced option is good for you. If you are new to a fitness routine, however, I don’t recommend this route. The movements can be complex and quality coaching will keep you safe and to your goals quicker. Do you also need nutrition help, afterall nutrition is the base to all fitness? Does the gym you are checking out offer any nutrition coaching?

At LMI Fitness, we pride ourselves on crafting your individualized fitness journey and guiding you through it. We provide our clients with one-on-one personal training services, (this comes with a higher price point!). If you want a higher-value service that provides faster results than group classes, you should consider a CrossFit gym that provides one-on-one personal training.

Number 2: Ask, “How do I know that the gyms around me understand my goals?”

The most successful gyms should understand the wants, needs and desires of their clients.

The best gyms are focused on getting results by understanding and working with individuals. The worst gyms are focused on getting more people as fast as possible. 

The path to results begins with a goal-setting session when you first walk in. We call ours a No Sweat Intro. Good gyms will ask you what your goals are. Body composition change? Increase energy? Perform better in workouts? Age gracefully? 

Now, here’s the secret—the great gyms will want to find your WHY.

Understanding the “why” is very powerful in making any lifestyle changes. Often it is about something more than just about losing weight. Does your family have a history of chronic disease? Do you want to get stronger so you can play with your grandkids? Are you looking to do activities outside the gym like skiing,biking, kayaking or hiking with ease?

If no one takes the time to learn why you are starting a new fitness routine initially, do you think they ever will? What happens if and when your goals change, you would want your training to change too along with your coaches knowledge of your goals. 

You deserve to be at a gym that appreciates your individual path! 

Number 3: Ask, “What about my nutrition?”

Yes, it’s true, the best CrossFit gyms in your area offer nutrition coaching. Because the base of all fitness and any other goals (think how you look, feel, and perform) is nutrition! 

Many people come into the gym believing that an exercise session a day is enough to accomplish their goals. More often than not, it is what is happening the other 23 hours (to support your exercise session) that really pays off. 

In any health and fitness routine, nutrition is responsible for the bulk of your results. Have you ever heard, “abs are made in the kitchen.” ?  We see this play out in our clients all the time. Those who do nutrition coaching see 3.5 times the results of those who just exercise. If you are not eating real whole foods, you are not doing CrossFit … period. 

People quit gyms when they don’t see results. If you want the fastest route to results, you need good nutrition and exercise. So why not find a gym where you can get both?

Number 4: Ask yourself whether you’re searching for a “CrossFit gym near me” or a “Personal trainer near me.”

If you’re new to CrossFit, I highly advise that you start with  one-on-one personal-training sessions. How many times have you shown up at a gym and looked around a little lost about where to start? Fitness can be intimidating. In a one-on-one session you will not lose time getting lost in the terminology and equipment. 

A CrossFit gym in your area that offers personal training is the best place to start. You may even find that you enjoy the one-on-one environment more than group training even after you learn the new terms, movements, and equipment. About a third of our membership felt that way and continued in personal training!  

CrossFit is a training methodology. Group training and personal training are the means with which it is delivered.

At LMI Fitness, we only offer personal training services for beginners. We find personal training is best for the following:

  • Clients dealing with a pre-existing injury or limitation.
  • Clients new to CrossFit.
  • Clients who want to make sure they’re performing the movements correctly. 
  • Clients who don’t like a group setting.
  • Clients who want a flexible training schedule.  

So don’t just toss out some search terms and sign up with the first gym you find on Google Maps. Your health is worth your due diligence.

Inspiration provided by Rob Connors at SignumCrossFit.com.



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