What we Value: Why CrossFit Banshee has Hopped off GroupOn

GroupOn can be great and it has been great for us, we have met and gained some awesome members from it (you know who you are)! But the longer we are open what we want to offer and why we value it has become clearer.

As the fitness and wellness scene in the Denver metro area becomes more and more populated we realized we don’t want to throw our services out there willy-nilly and hope that people stick with it. It doesn’t make sense for us to appeal to everyone and anyone.

Instead we are going to focus on what matters to us, our values, what has been working for our gym, and our community and grow that.

What does that mean for CrossFit Banshee? (Because it is different from gym to gym…)

First, we want to get to know the client before either of us enters into an agreement. We want to know what is important to you, what you are looking for, and how we might fit into that equation.

We like to offer our first class free, and in fact, if you are referred by one of our members or someone in our network we offer additional time to enjoy our facility.

Generally, that is where our discounts begin and end. Some would say this is not a selling point. I would tend to agree. It is really hard to not extend discounts, because well, we love you guys. It sounds backwards but precisely because we love you we don’t want to compromise what we are able to offer you.

What we offer and why we value it

Smaller classes- we cap our classes at 12 people generally unless it is a Saturday class or we can accommodate more without sacrificing our values; safety, space, community, and equipment.

Safety- There are a lot of moving parts in CrossFit classes, really it wouldn’t be effective if there wasn’t . With those moving parts we want there to be enough room to move safely. We cannot do that if we pack the gym floor.

…but you say, you could do that if you had more space. True, but we don’t want more space currently because then there is the matter of coaching and community.

Coaching- We want our groups to all have a close eye on them. I know you may disagree when you are in the middle of 100 burpees and you would rather have your hands on your knees waiting for anything to take you away from burpees versus having your coach count down your rest with you.

But we do some technical stuff, no doubt about it, and you signed up to learn and get better at all that we do in the gym. It is hard to make improvements if your blind spots aren’t identified and subsequently guided into improvement.

We are here as your coaches to not just facilitate a workout but to help you understand the nuances of good movement and body mechanics.

Knees Out

Picture Source

This picture seems obvious to anyone who has had “Knees out” queued to them during a workout. But when you are in the middle of it, it is hard to see yourself. We help you build the body awareness to not only see but feel the difference.

Community- We have built a great group! It is very welcoming and pretty diverse from the young (CrossFit Kids) to teenagers all the way up to over 60. I am pretty confident if someone wants to be in our gym our gym as a whole will make space for them on the floor and in our hearts. Curious what our community looks like? Check it out here!Murph

There is nothing wrong with looking for a great value, trying something out with little to no risk but we simply cannot accommodate the person in which that is their highest priority. There is a lot of time, effort, sweat, and tears put into this gym. That is not just from the owner and staff, but also from the community. Members’ time and experience here goes much deeper than a great discount.  As a byproduct of that our members are sometimes forced to choose if that experience fits their life and priorities, in effect helping re-double their commitment to their health or find the path that resonates with them outside the gym.

We understand there are limiting circumstances that come up in life and for that we have a plan in which we work one on one with our members to help them continue to dedicate themselves in the gym and also navigate an unexpected hardship.

While our bottom line is extremely important to keeping the doors open so you can reach your goals, we aren’t going to do that by taxing our space, current members, equipment, and expertise. In the end we would like to put our efforts into finding people just like you and finding ways we can help each member reach their goals.



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