Your Guide to Better Sleep

Your Guide to Better Sleep Sleep is really important, as I am sure you have heard. It is so important that it can and will affect any efforts you make in the gym and with your nutrition. Who doesn’t love sleep? Why not harness the effects to maximize what you do in waking hours? Choose […]

Will Lifting Weights Make Me Bulky?

Will Lifting Weights Make Me Bulky? In regards to fitness, this question is one of the top most-commonly asked according to Google. A few of our coaches here at CrossFit Banshee weigh-in to provide their thoughts and experiences. Coach Steve It depends. Adding muscle mass is different for each person and has a lot to […]

Steps to Recovering From an Injury or Setback in Your Training

Steps to Recovering From an Injury or Setback in Your Training   There are various reasons why you might get tripped up by a setback in your training; travel, illness, injury, schedule changes, etc.   In this, we’re going to talk about what to do in case of injury or mobility limitation.    There aren’t […]

You Share the Same Goal as Everyone Else…

Your Goal is the Same, Your Path is Unique We have yet to meet a person who has walked through our doors at Banshee that doesn’t care about their body composition. In fact, it rates as the most popular reason to begin a new health and nutrition program.  Regardless of your own personal thoughts on […]

Seeking Results? Effort is the Multiplier

Your effort is the multiplier in the results you are seeking. The only thing that stands between me and accomplishing a goal is inaction. Some math on goal achievement. 0 Actions + Goals = Goals ← I am sorry to say this doesn’t exist. Thankfully, because if it did and you were only adding one […]